You Can Now Buy Gin That Tastes Just Like Mince Pies

It feels like every year, the festive food aisle gets more weird and wonderful - with supermarkets churning up anything that could possibly go viral. 

I can picture them all now sat in their corporate boardrooms scratching their arses while thinking "what if we put dildos in advent calendars?". I'm actually surprised i've not seen an advent calendar just like that, to be honest. 

This time, our friends at Tesco have stocked a new gin flavour to add to their festive range - because if you're gonna be sad when you've eaten all the mince pies, you may as well drink them too. 

The liqueur is gaining quite the fan base on social media, with fans exclaiming how much it actually does taste like mince pies. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. 

The product is by TW Kempton, who are also responsible for the Parma Violet gin, and is a 20% vol liqueur made from botanical gin, using spiced fruit flavourings to recreate the iconic taste of mince pies. 

You can pick up a bottle (or three) of your own in Tesco stores nationwide for just £14, which actually works out cheaper than a box of mince pies if you think about how many drinks you can get out of the bottle to yourself. Like Christmas in a bottle, amirightttt? 

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