You Can Now Buy Big Bars of Cadbury White In ASDA

It's been years since our hearts were left shattered following the discontinuation of Cadbury's Dream bars, and it's safe to say they left a gaping hole in our hearts and our tummies when they left us. Gone were the joys of digging into a giant tub of Heroes at Christmas and fishing out the best chocolates, and gone were the family fights that came with it. RIP, Dream. 

But... Our Dream-less days may be over, since Cadbury's officially healed our pain just a couple of months ago with the release of their white chocolate buttons stocked exclusively in ASDA, which fans raved about telling others online that they tasted just like our old favourite Dream bars. And it turns out they didn't just leave us with that... 

Avid chocolate fans have spotted big chocolate blocks of Cadbury's White in their local stores this week, with the product being described as "creamy white chocolate". The 180g bars are on sale for just £2, or 2 for £3 in ASDA's current chocolate promotion. I'm on my way!

The bar should be much easier to get hold of than Cadbury's other recent Orange Twirl release however, which fans are still taking to Twitter to express how they think the whole thing is a hoax. Not to brag, but i've actually got one on my desk right now... 

The full White range includes the big block chocolate bar, Cadbury's White buttons, as well as Freddo White Treasures - a children's offering featuring the White buttons and a toy. Not only that, if you haven't found luck hunting down an Orange Twirl just yet, ASDA are also selling Dairy Milk Orange Snowman treats, which i'm pretty sure will probably taste exactly the same. 

So, there you have it. ASDA's the place to be. 


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