You Can Now Buy An Advent Calendar Jam Packed With Baileys

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year, socialising with mates, hitting up the Christmas markets and using "it's Christmas" as an excuse to inhale 5000 calories in one evening, or for some, 5000 calories of Baileys. 

If you're the latter, then you're in luck - because this year's advent calendar Gods have blessed us with the best one yet. 

For just £20, you can now snap up a boozy calendar stocked full of Bailey's 5cl bottles to help you count down the 12 days of Christmas in true festive spirit. On sale now both online and in-store, the calendar includes 12 bottles with three different flavours - including old trusty Original, a coffee flavour and Orange truffles. Count me in. 

If the price tag isn't for you, you could always pick up a litre bottle for just £12 from the local shop and have a cheeky glass everyday. That way you can at least count down the whole 24 days without running out... 

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