'Revenge' Is Officially Returning To TV With A Sequel Reboot

It's been 8 years since Amanda, or should I say Emily Thorne, graced our screens on a wild mission to take down everyone responsible for tarnishing her father's reputation - and boy was it a wild ride. 

The show was so gripping, we got four whole seasons of the drama starring Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann (everyone's favourite BFF) - and now it looks like after four years off-air, our lives will be blessed again with the Hamptons antics. 

Reports surfaced last night that original creator Mike Kelley and writer Joe Fazzio would be teaming up again on a sequel series, with the sequel set to star a Lantinx immigrant character and at least one original character from 'Revenge'. 

According to Deadline, the returning character is yet to be cast, however fans can expect the show to have a strong connection to the original series and set in the same universe. 

Only few details have emerged around the plot so far, but Deadline have also reported the show will follow the Latinx immigrant seek vengeance on a pharmaceutical company following the death of her mum, with the help of a returning character from 'Revenge'. Spicy, huh? Sounds like Nolan Ross might be the man for the job. 

It's also unconfirmed whether the series will return on original network ABC, however one can only hope it'll be available on Netflix for the rest of us! 

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