Men Ignore Partners Around 388 Times A Year With 'Selective Hearing', Study Finds

It's been a long week, you've told your fella all about it or simply asked him to pick up something from the shop on the way home... And guess what... He forgot. 

Sound about right? Well... Turns out science says he's not listening, too. 

According to a new study, THREE QUARTERS of Brits think their other half is guilty of selective hearing, with the main culprits of that base being men. Sorry, guys. 

To make it worse, it turns out they do it more often than we'd like too, with the study finding that on average, men "won't hear" what their partner has said 388 times a year. Yep. He forgot to pick up his shit off the floor for the 388th time. Thanks hun. 

The study was undertaken by Scrivens Hearing Care, who have warned that in some instances, selective hearing could be more serious than simple laziness, and an indication of an underlying hearing problem. I suppose we can let the lads off the hook on these occasions... 

54% of participants in the study were concerned their partners may have an issue with their hearing, with 40% suspecting they definitely had hearing difficulties. On the other hand, however 47% of participants said their parter mumbles often, which is probably something to do with the lack of fresh milk in the fridge right now. Oops. 

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