McDonald's Has Unveiled It's Christmas Menu Including Matchmaker McFlurries

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and i'm already stuffing my face with festive sweets and treats to get in the spirit. 

Finally giving us Maccy's fans what we deserve, the fast food giant has revealed it's Christmas offering - and it does not disappoint. If you were expecting sweet treats aplenty, you're definitely in luck. 

To kick off the season, a new Millionaire's donut is joining the menu - filled with gooey caramel, biscuit topping and dark chocolate drizzle to finish... And that's just to start. There's also a Mixed Berry muffin available packed with blueberries, red currants and blackcurrants with a jam filling, as well as a rich chocolate brownie among their usual sweet treats. 

The real highlight though is the return of the Matchmaker Cool Mint McFlurry on November 20th, featuring mini Matchmaker pieces and a chocolate mint sauce swirled within - so if you didn't catch it last year, now's your chance (you won't regret it). 

Their hot drinks menu is enough to compete with our beloved Starbucks - with the return of last year's fave, the Millionaire's latte. The latte is topped with caramel biscuit syrup and chocolate cream - dreamy, huh? 

Other additions include a toffee latte and a hot chocolate - all served in their very own festive cups to celebrate the season. 

The full savoury menu is yet to be revealed, however keep your eyes peeled as we expect it's grand unveiling soon! 

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